Congratulations, you found us!   We are the Christensen family.   We are really proud of what we have done, what we do, and are very excited about where we are going.  We have found our niche in solidly built insulated wood fired saunas. Built in our shop in Duluth, MN and delivered directly to your site.

What you need to hear!


Please don't buy a uninsulated sauna because you may not be happy in the long run.

How much work are you willing to do to take a sauna?

With our saunas you only need one good fire up for an hour or more sauna.

Why? we have heavy insulation, huge rock mass, and an outside feed stove.

They work the best.

If you put your hard earned money into less , you may never get one of ours.



Let's chat about your new sauna.  just E-mail us,, or call    218-390-4586.                                                            September 2022, Our crew is building saunas and have developed quite a system.  We are catching up to orders and it is now only a month to six weeks from your order to delivery.         This also means no price increases for the near future.         
                                                       Besides our
prices page we also have an easier explanation of sizes, prices and options on our " contact us page". 
Did you see the nice article the Auqua Magazine wrote about us?
wood heat sauna deluxe
sure not a barrel sauna
dry stacked stonework
Blueberry stove and lots of rocks. 
this also shows optional stainless water tank.
This picture also shows the dry stacked stone wall covering over the cement board . Now standard !
cedar sauna backrests
four piece backrest / pillow set
red cedar sauna walls
western red cedar
christensen portable sauna
portable sauna
log sauna christensen saunas
hewn 1/2 log siding
We have five sizes and this is a 6x10'. other sizes are 8x10', 6x14' ,  8x14' and 8x16'. the latter three have dressing rooms the first two do not.
Each has siding choices, and other options.

*  All our saunas have the best cedar interiors, with cedar benches, shelves and vaulted cedar ceilings.

*  All are well insulated with vapor barriers, shingled roofs and cedar decking floors that drain on thru into the ground below.

*  All have premium cedar paneling. And now they come standard with the outside feed Blueberry stoves and cement board heat shielding.

*  All have our homemade wood door with window and locking latch. All of our doors open outwards for safety.

*  All set on treated skids to allow air movement under them.

*  All have heavy framing 2x4 walls and 2x6 rafters and floor joists.

*  So even our basic sauna is still first class.

Even the best carpenters will notice the lack of any joints in the paneling or siding , or how the V grooves line up in the corners.

*   I think it can be said that in the lifetime of these saunas , we are by far the best buy available, because we are building for the only sauna you or maybe even you kids will ever need.

cedar sauna door
Cedar sauna door and candle window with dressing room bench.   Standard on dressing room models.
cedar sauna benches
sauna benches
sauna heat shielding, stonework
 Hot sauna rocks and dry stacked stone with ceramic tile under. all standard now
free standing yard sauna
standard T1-11 pine siding
christmas sauna