Thanks to the Christensen family for our new backyard toy. The whole family comes over to enjoy the sauna, even the grandkids. It is always fired up when the are swimming in the lake. It gets used a lot!​                       

                          -John and Mary D.

Bringing the new sauna across the lake when frozen was above and beyond our expectations. Thank you!  

                                        -Ben and Martha.

Owen did an awesome job in getting our new sauna into our difficult location. What a quality building.​

                                        - Dave L.

I was just joking when I asked if you would bring a sauna to CO. Boy am I glad I did ask. Thanks again.


It was so nice to meet you when you delivered our wonderful sauna​. It does heat up fast. Just like you said, just dry kindling gets it ready. Ours is ready in about a half hour. Cheap on wood.

                                       -Barry W.

We actually are using our sauna more this year than last. We stained it dark brown and put crossed cross country skis on the outside left of the door. I hope you like the picture. Feel free to use it.


a special sauna delivery
Montana sauna
Happy Finns and their new sauna
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