We deliver most anywhere at $3.00 per loaded mile from Duluth, MN. this works for us 20 miles or a 1,000.

This is one of our larger models, it needs a minimum of ten feet of width and eleven feet of height for us to back it into position and more width when turning too. These are jacked straight up, trailer pulled out, then lowered to the ground. Many times some blocking is needed to level it. Please have some cement block or treated blocking. I will have some with me for minor adjustments.

   The skid steer shown here was supplied by the customer.  We have our own equipment available for a tough delivery, but since it will take two trucks the make the delivery, it costs more.

This is how we deliver the small saunas. they require about nine feet of width and ten feet of height. These slide off the back.

We should be straight in line with where you want your sauna.

Please look up too for power lines and roof eaves that may conflict with the sauna on the trailer.

Some problems can be solved, but it's nice to know what we're in for.

Our electric jacks make loading and unloading easy.
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