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   In many cases your sauna can simply be set on the ground. The bottom of our building is treated 4x4 skids, so it is fine on the ground. It can be leveled with most any blocking you might have, either treated wood or cement block. We do bring some treated wood blocks with us for minor adjustments. 

   Some customers like to level their location with a gravel or stone pad. This is nice but not required.  If you do add this kind of fill, it is good to give it some time to settle, hard rain does a good job of this.

   We now offer site preparation. This can be simple or extensive, so this would have to be a bid project. Because equipment will be used, the minimum price $500. Tree removal, excavation and leveling is available.
Cedar sauna saunas duluth mn minnesota site prep preparation Christensen
saunas delivered whole, christensen
delivering a sauna
Jacks lift the sauna up, the trailer is pulled out and the sauna lowered to the ground. 
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